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Gravity Falls - Valentines by Mgx0
by Mgx0

It's beautiful to my eye. I am quite a Dippifica fan and I know that I can't help but love it. The way you had it done in an anime styl...

[Ep. 6] One Coarse Meal by Blu3Danny

Boy, let me tell you, I can believe every single word you have said in this review. This is, without a doubt, a really fucked up episod...

ArtTrade for Fhqwhgads-2-1 by AroojBasit

Thank you so very much! It was well worth the long wait I had gone through to see it. What do I enjoy? The fact that Candace and Stacy ...

Naga by leadhooves

I must say, this is a pretty interesting idea for an episode. I can see someone getting into this type of situation. And somehow, Wendy...


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Andrew Mantynen
United States

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Current Residence: California, United States
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:wave: Aloha, everybody! It is I, Dandy Andy! And it's about that time of the month again! Time to talk to you all what I have in store for next month! And with Spring just around the corner, I shall also talk about what I have in store for that season.

So, first off is what to do for the month of March. Do I have anything in particular planned for that one? Not really. Maybe for the first day of Spring, but other than that, March doesn't really have that much to go for. Though, I may work on an early April Fool's Day themed story if I'm up for it.

Which also reminds me, what do you guys think this year's prank is gonna be? To be honest, last year's prank wasn't really all that much to write home about. It was cool, but it was just for one day, and it felt kinda pointless to me. I hope they have something better, something I think will blow us all away. But other than that, not much else to say.

Anywho, here's what I have scheduled for next month.

-Super Mario Super Tales Season Finale: I have been delaying a little bit on the story arc based on Super Mario RPG and I have got to finish it. This will be of top priority. There's only five episodes in the arc left and I am not stopping till it's finished.
-3rd Wheel: The Vigilante of Velocity is coming back with all sorts of adventures ready to run over the streets of evil with his good friends. Emily will get a new pet, we'll see Soos' old girlfriend Melody come by for a visit, and I'll meet my evil doppelganger Overdrive. All that and more.
-Sphere Sister: Yes, I do plan on getting back to her. I got some ideas from some of her fans and I will see what I can do with him. It's just been a little tricky working with her. But I'll see what I can do. This bloating beauty will be soaring through again.
-Round Three: Haven't been focusing on them since their Christmas episode. And they'll be strutting their stuff and hitting some fresh beats next month. Stay tuned for that.
-Mega Man Rock World: I have GOT to get to work on this series on the Blue Bomber himself. I haven't worked on him since his two-part pilot. I just don't want to do anything or too much that the old 90's cartoon Mega Man did. If you have any ideas for Capcom's trademark crime-fighter of the future, I'm all ears.

And for this spring, probably not next month, but it's close. It's close.


Some of you have been wondering when I would be getting to this. And don't worry. JUMP will be back this spring. I just had a fire irons in the fire with some of my co-writers. Now, is this going to be the final season like I had originally planned? No. It's not. It's going to continue on for two more seasons after for a total of 10 seasons, and then it'll be done for good. I was gonna end it here, but I got some ideas from my co-writers on upgrading STUPID, and one season alone did not feel long enough for me to expand on them, so I will have them around a bit longer. And what is the season gonna be about? Is it gonna be what you guys pitched to me in the group's vlog? Not likely. I was thinking of making that the final season's hurrah for sure. I have an idea for it though.

What I have in mind is this. Do you remember how back in episode 30 the agents traveled back to Medieval Times to stop a sorcerer from taking over or destroying a kingdom and Chloe accidentally got dragged in, back when she was still a bit of a bitch? Well, this season will introduce one of Zinnoram's (the name of the sorcerer) descendants appearing in modern times to seek vengeance on those who cursed his ancestor. And he will reshape all of the world in his image for the legacy of sorcerers. Magic will reign supreme. Sorcery will be everywhere. All shall yield to his magical might! So, this isn't going to be the final season like I originally planned. It's going to be something new.


Now, on another topic, I'm close to my 2,200th deviation and I wasn't really planning to do anything special because I didn't have anything for it. But Myles suggested that I ask for suggestions in case it called for a celebration. If anyone can come up with some ideas for what to do for that occasion, I'm all ears.


Other things I have in mind are some Gravity Falls episodes I have in mind. Featuring some characters you may be familiar with. I know the episode "Not What He Seems" is going to be premiering soon, and it's gonna leave a big impact on the show, I know that. But let's just assume that these episodes take place after Not What He Seems or before it but after Northwest Mansion Mystery, because now that Pacifica has changed, I am going to be using her new kinder more likable nature instead of her former stuck-up bratty one. And I just may, but I'll try not to drop some Dipcifica/Padippica/Pacipper/whatever the ship's called bombs or hints here and there. It's not confirmed whether or not they will become a couple, so I'll do my best to keep them in the friend zone. Which reminds me, I have decided to do a little story where Pacifica tells off a bunch of other bratty jerks that I am familiar with in media and would love to have her tell them that she's done with being like them. That's what I plan on doing for her first.


So, that's pretty much all I wanted to talk about at this moment. I thought I'd get it here before March came along. I hope you are all looking forward to this and I hope to do my finest and dandiest to give you what you want. In the meantime, I am Dandy Andy. See you all in Spring. Tootles. :bye:
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Thoughts on Sonic Boom the TV series? 

22 deviants said I think it's actually pretty good and it should last a while! :D
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1 deviant said I don't think it's that great. :(
1 deviant said It's a horrible Sonic series, and I don't like it. :x


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Long time, no talk, Andy.
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I'll say. What's up?
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And it used the word "Weegee" at the end.
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