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Feb 8

Day eight unlocks revealing various pics of the Teen Titans

The Teen Titans and their shippings. I used to love the Teen Titans back in my early teen years. It's still a great show. A little past today, but still fine nonetheless. As for the new show...I'm trying my best to get past a lot of the bad stuff it's shown and the backlash it's received, but it's really difficult. Other than that, let's go onto the couples. Before I begin, I never read any of the comics it's based on, so this is more toward the show and I apologize to those who have read the comics while I personally haven't. Bare with me as we begin.


Robin and Starfire. Or Starobin as I call them. The two of them have shown to be rather close friends in the original series. It was stated that the reason Starfire kissed Robin in what was the origin story and would have been suited for the pilot of that show was to learn the English language and translate it properly. It seemed like that was the main purpose and nothing more and they didn't seem to show many other feelings toward one another, but after it was revealed in some cases that they do get jealous when they're around someone else, they can feel some angst. Like when Starfire was going back to Tamaran to be wedded to what looked like that one-scene wonder of a Tamaranian and Robin was just overwhelemed by his hunky exposure, but it turned out Starfire was really being wedded to a giant blob of some kind, Robin was really upset that Starfire was going through with it and was gonna do what he could to stop the wedding. Of course, Starfire realized what she was doing was not the right option and decided not to go through with it. That shows that her heart belongs with someone else, not someone she's been arranged with. This is why arranged marriages never work. And when Robin is forced to take Kitten to prom by order of Killer Moth, who is her father for some reason, don't know if that's in the comics, he has no choice but to go through with it. And Starfire is devastated to find out that a prom is a date, not a duel. And everything Starfire sees Kitten do to Robin during the dance just makes her build up so much jealousy that she begins roaring menacingly at other happy couples. Thankfully, it's not Yandere levels of jealousy. And when Kitten tries going in for the kiss and Robin refuses to go through with it, the Titans fight off against the ex-couple who then becomes a happy couple again. It's...really disturbing. And Robin is right. They do make a bad couple. Their signs of relationship start to grow more as they are stranded on a deserted planet hunting down a creature as they had gotten separated and Robin admitted that they were not boyfriend and girlfriend after one taunt from his teammates. But after surviving, they start to go closer. And it is not until the made for TV movie where they go to Tokyo where they officially become a couple and share a special kiss together that is not just to learn another language. The series ends with them together after all, so they have a happy ending.

In TTG, it's not a very steady relationship. It comes off more as Robin having a mad crush on her and her not exactly having the same feelings for him. Starfire even goes on a date with Speedy which makes Robin jealous and impersonate as him so that he can get Starfire, which is a sign that he is desperate. I haven't seen that much of this two in this show, but I can at least be safe to know that they are like that in the original. Keep in mind, I have been trying to give this new series another chance, but after one little bomb after another, it just keeps having me stay away from it all the more. So, that's about all I know on this couple in this version.

Beast Raven

Beast Boy and Raven. Really don't know what was to call them. Can't think of a clever portmanteau on this one. IN the original series, Beast Boy is a bit apart from Raven since she's a bit on the disturbing side and he just wants to brighten up her day, but she's not too keen on his attempts and would prefer for him to leave her alone. But at times, they do still have a little friendship. When Raven once meets what is said to be a famous sorcerer but turns out that he is really the dragon posing as the sorcerer, Beast Boy consoles her that while she is very creepy, she is still herself and that she shouldn't be isolated from the world because of the lie she was told by the one who lied to her. She responds to him with a hug of thanks, thus opening up the possibility of them...well, it doesn't really go anywhere like that at any given time. They're just good friends here. But people still try to see them as more.

In TTG, there was an episode that did give the idea that they were meant to be married, but it didn't seem like they were willing to go through with it in the end. And when Raven becomes a new heroine who has the power to fight with her legs and literally kick butt, Beast Boy is aroused by her legs, something that can turn men on when the leg is smooth and svelte. And he also calls Raven "Mama" as if it were a pet name he has given her. There have been a couple of jokes here and there about the two of them, but they don't take it. So, this version tends to give off more vibes, but not much more.


Beast Boy and Terra. So, we have a girl who was able to do Earth-bending before Toph was created. It's really hard to imagine that there was another character who did that before everyone's favorite blind earthp-bender, huh? She is a girl who has lived on her own and is not really in control of her powers and Beast Boy notices it, but Terra does not want him to tell the others, which he promises. However, when the others seem to get the idea, she thinks Beast Boy broke his promise and runs off. He does look at her and is a bit overwhelmed by her charms. It is then when she returns and decides to be a Titan that it feels like she and Beast Boy have a chance until it is revealed that she is working as a double agent for Slade and sets herself out to destroy the Titans one by one. And Beast Boy, the one who once had a flame for her now blown out, was the most hurt by her betrayal and is willing to confront her face to face. But since Slade was in control of Terra and was going to make her do it in the end, it seems like she has given up, but soon fights back against Slade and causes a volcanic reaction that can take out the entire city unless she gives up her life force and becomes a statue. Not just for the sake of humanity in the city, but for the one Titan she had grown feelings for. The sad thing is, in the final episode of this show, it is revealed that the statue of Terra has broken off and a girl that looks like Terra happens to be in the cit. Beast Boy is certain that it is her, but she denies it all and that he should move on and forget about her, thus breaking his heart one last time. Lots of people were put off by this finale, and for good reason. This being one of them, the other being the unresolved ending. The movie where they went to Tokyo seemed to have more cohesion of an ending.

In TTG, I haven't really seen the Terra episodes, but I think Terra is actually evil in this version, which I heard is more of a reflection of her comic portrayal. And Beast Boy had a thing for her, but it broke off. So, I really don't know how that went on. This was before the large amounts of bane and disgust fans have had toward this show really went off the rails.

Oh, and as for Beast Boy, he has a bunch of Japanese groupies as well. Maybe he had the most fangirls out of the male titans, beating Robin? Eh, I guess he didn't need that vacation shirt after all. You jealous, Raven?

And what of Cyborg? Who does he have? Well, when he infiltrated the H.I.V.E. academy led by Brother Blood, he noticed that Jinx started to have a crush on him, but it was short lived after it was revealed that Cyborg managed to maintain himself just fine. And when he and Bumble Bee snuck back in to destroy a sonic wavelength machine that Blood built having used Cyborg's technology, they started growing a friendship after a few quarrels together, even bringing up Jinx's little crush on the half-man. And Cyborg was once willing to help out with Titans East until it was shown that after having finally defeated Blood that he wasn't needed anymore and left the title of leader to Bumble Bee. She even gave him the nickname "Sparky". So, maybe she and Cyborg could have had a thing if they had time for that. There was also this one warrior chick that he met after going back in time and learned how to fight the old-fashioned way despite the ancient ways without the use of today's modern conveniences. Cyborg was growing a thing for her, but when it was too late to say farewell to her, it was revealed that they had won the battle and Cyborg was a true warrior. Because a true warrior does not need armor.

As for Jinx's crush, it did seem to be played with in TTG in one episode. And they decided to keep it a secret from their teammates so as not to let it out in the open. A little sweet, if you ask me.

So, Starobin is a good ship, I could give Beasterra a pass if it had a happier resolution to it, and as for who Cyborg would end up with...probably Bumble Bee. Just how they worked together and Cyborg proclaimed her the Titans East leader kinda rubs me the right way. Nothing against him and Jinx. If TTG made it closer to her joining up with the titans instead of it being like a new telling of the Titans by having her as a villain again, I would have shipped them.

And there we have it. When there's trouble, we know who to call. And from my monitor, I can see it all. Teen Titans Shipping, go. This entry of Shipping and Handling, stop.

Deviant Art

Shipping and Handlings: Teen Titans Couples
Next up, starting the second half of Shipping and Handling, is is a look at some of the Teen Titans couples from the franchise of the same name. While having my knowledge be more limited to the 2003 show and not the comics it's based on, or Teen Titans Go!, I talk about the canon and fanon couples while at least pointing out some things I noticed from TTG.

All characters belong to DC Comics

Shipping and Handling

Feb 7

Day Seven unlocks revealing pictures of Timmy Turner and Trixie and Tootie

Timmy Turner and two of Dimmsdale's girls, Trixie Tang and Tootie from the Fairly OddParents, a show that, as of late, is now in its tenth season. Well, I heard from the recent premiere of that season, that it has gone WAY past its prime. But that's not what we're here to discuss. We're here to discuss the shippings that Timmy is often paired up with. Two girls. One that he has affection for, and one that has affection for him.

First up, there is Tootie, the younger sister of Timmy's once troublesome bullying but now sadistic and pure evil babysitter Vicky. There is little to nothing outside of her crush on Timmy. Just like Sierra did with Cody in Total Drama, Tootie has an obsession with Timmy that goes into uncomfortable territories. What really bothers him and maybe some shippers is how she doesn't respect his personal space. In the episodes I have seen, she is shown to be pretty miserable when it comes to having to put up with Vicky since she has to live with her. It was a nice premise for her there, but seeing as how she would follow him to his house and would just see him as her future husband, it is understandable how Timmy can't stand it. Not helping him is how she even wants him to be her Valentine even when he clearly doesn't want to. She doesn't take no for an answer. She can't get that Timmy is not interested in her. And while I do find that kind of trait funny from time to time, when they just can't take a hint, it really makes the character look blinded by their own intentions. Tootie wants Timmy even if he doesn't want her. One episode even had him file a restraining order against her he got so fed up with her only to have it expire in the end so she can continue stalking him. And when Vicky's family moves in with the Turners, she sees them living together as like if they were married, and she even tries to announce their marriage when it looks like it was just an effect from a wish Timmy made only for it to turn out to be real. While it is shown that Tootie is willing to go out of her way to get Timmy back under the name "Deeptoot" which does sound like something else which Timmy's dad laughs about, it did show that it was to help take down Vicky and to get her man back. It wasn't to exact creepy levels and seemed more believable. If Helga Pataki had a crazy obsession with Arnold, Tootie had one for Timmy that just goes borderline off the rails.

Then there's Trixie Tang, the most popular girl in Dimmsdale and the target of Timmy's affection. Timmy tries constantly to no end to get her to notice him, but being a popular girl, she refuses to have anything to do with anyone lower than her status. So, why would Timmy like someone like her? It's rather hard to say. But it was revealed in one episode where Timmy and Trixie had secret interests for things that were for the opposite gender. Timmy likes sappy soap operas, and Trixie likes video games and comic books. It was basically lambasting the stereotypes of boys and girls, but it didn't end with them getting together. However, she still has some shallowness in her. Like when Timmy gets severely injured and decides to take him out on a pity date, her popular friends make a dickish comment about his pain, and Trixie finds that funny and prefers laughing at Timmy's expense over taking pity on him. As well as how Timmy tries to ask her to be his Valentine, she launches him out of her party. And then comes an episode that a lot of people tend to hate because, in a way, it does crap on the shippers of this couple where Timmy wishes that he and Trixie were the only humans left on the planet, and since Trixie has no one other than Timmy to comment on her beauty, she starts to go insane because of little to no attention she is getting. He breaks her heart, she breaks his legs. That's what it comes off as. And thus, it forces Timmy to undo the wish he made and everything's back to the way it was. It may teach Timmy that there is such a thing as being suffocated by your lover, but at the same time, he loses his dream girl and will have to continue his quest. People tend not to like that episode because Timmy gets what he wants with serious consequences that make Trixie seem relentless. It was not until the Wishology trilogy, one of two things that fans think that should have been the finale, and for good reason, that the two of them really seem to start to have a connection with each other, especially when Timmy sacrifices himself by entering the void that was out to get him, and when they manage to solve the solution in the end, they share one last moment until Jorgen butts in saying he's going to erase everyone's memory of the arc. Which ruins the mood and makes everything all for naught, but we still have the moment. And so does Timmy.

In fact, Tootie sees Trixie as a love rival, even if she is not that interesting, so she knows about his crush on Trixie and wants him to go away from her, even going so far as to disguising herself to trick him into sharing a moment with her. I don't know who Timmy has it worse with here, Vicky or Tootie?

The last thing to bring up with this love triangle, and I don't mean the episode with Poof and Foop fighting over a girl in the shape of a triangle, is that Channel Chasers ends with Timmy having grown up and been a married man with two children named Tommy and Tammy. And Tammy a cross between Trixie and Tootie. She has the clothing style of Trixie, but the glasses and overbite of Tootie. So, it's a mystery which one of them Timmy ended up with.

As for a couple like Cosmo and Wanda, or Timmy's parents, let's just say...they may have made the wrong choice in marrying a man that is short on brains. Some of us may never understand why she picked him. But maybe there was something inside of him that they saw that no other woman can. And maybe Trixie can find that in Timmy, or maybe Timmy can find that in Tootie. Either way, whoever Timmy's wife in the for us fans to decide.

Deviant Art

Shipping and Handling: Timmy Turner and Crushes
The next installment and end of the first half goes out to Timmy Turner and his unrequited love for Trixie Tang and his unwanted affection from Tootie, each with their own flaws and insane moments, as well as the mystery as to who Timmy ends up with.

The Fairly OddParents was created by Butch Hartman

Shipping and Handling

Feb 6

Day six unlocks with pictures of SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks

SpongeBob and Sandy. Definitely an odd choice for a couple to talk about. But there are people who somewhat ship them together. In the first episode that debuted Sandy who was wrestling with a giant clam, SpongeBob tries to help her out, even if he doesn't show much progress in doing so. They have a thing for Karate. Sandy's is a bit more practical, while SpongeBob's is more like someone doing it just to be cool. When he visits her for a tea party, he brings her flowers as a token of their friendship. So, it's definitely a good token of appreciation of having a creature from the surface world as a new resident to Bikini Bottom. And when SpongeBob and Patrick dry up, she helps them out because that's what friends do. SpongeBob was trying too hard to be fancy and endure something, most likely feeling ashamed that if he had water, he was not going to make himself worthy of being Sandy's friend. But that's not how Sandy saw it. If he had just asked, his little crisis could have been averted. And from then on, they are good friends.

As for how or why people ship them, it could be because they are close friends together without having to worry about Patrick getting jealous. And SpongeBob has always been willing to go out of his way to make sure that Sandy can stay in Bikini Bottom. Whether it be to playfully and pretentiously mock the state of Texas to take her to a Texas themed party, which shows how little they know about Texas's customs, where Sandy realizes that she didn't need her home state to understand her true home, or it be when she feels like she's all washed up and SpongeBob wants to help her invent something to impress her directors, it just goes to show that SpongeBob will do anything and go out of his way to make sure that he doesn't lose a great friend like her.

And when SpongeBob acts all arrogant when he thinks he is a true karate master, Sandy understandably can't deal with it, and when he begs for her help, she goes to save his friend after he snaps out of it. The only sad part about that is that Sandy doesn't really fight her way up that much to get to save him, just when she faces the master. And she was also willing to train him to be more physically fit, even if he did quit after seeing the Arm Cruncher.

Then comes the time when Sandy goes about how she has to start hibernating soon and SpongeBob notices they don't have much time left to hang out until winter passes and spring arrives. So, they decide to spend as much time together as possible doing extreme sports and stunts that are so off the rail that you wouldn't expect Total Drama or American Gladiators to approve of them. When SpongeBob tries to tell Sandy that he can't play anymore, she doesn't seem to listen and only wants to have fun and SpongeBob tries hiding from her, out of the fear of upsetting her and the fun costing him his life. And Sandy, worried that he might be in serious danger, gathers all the Bikini Bottomites to find him, showing that she does care much about him and hopes that he didn't get into any trouble that would threaten him. And SpongeBob is willing to tell her that he is done with playing all the extreme games Sandy had put him through. SpongeBob tried to make Sandy's preparation for hibernation as best as he could, but he just wasn't able to endure it.

And, yes, there are times when they get angry at one another, like when SpongeBob and Patrick had torn off Sandy's fur to stay warm when they get sealed inside her Treedome when being first exposed to snow, and she decides to make a pelt out of them until her fur grew back, or when Sandy is willing to capture the Alaskan Bull Worm that had terrorized the city and eaten all their belongings, one of them being Sandy's tail, so she decides to get revenge and save the town from the worm, but SpongeBob warns Sandy that it's too dangerous showing prime concern only for Sandy to shrug it off as if he's just paranoid about it and that being the top fighter in all of Bikini Bottom, she should have no problem. She mistakes the tongue of the worm for the real thing only to find out the truth that it's a lot bigger on the outside than expected, having mistaken its maw for a cave. And when she realizes it's much too big and ornery for her to catch, they have to escape and SpongeBob rubs it in that he was right about Sandy in a just way since she's bailing on it. So, they are definitely not always on par with one another, another example being when they try to outdo one another in the most petty of contests like mountain climbing, racing, name calling, and seeing who can survive on each other's turf longer without their own ways of surviving in them. After SpongeBob and his friends of the sea get attacked by gulls, Sandy saves them and they both see that they are not best at everything and apologize and make up for it having known that they had gone too far. So, while they do get into a bad situation, sometimes, they can make a good way to resolve it. But not always.

The most infamous moment of this pairing is the false wedding from Truth or Square, a scene that was hyped in the promos for that special, but just like how Atlantis Squarepantis ruined the climax with the ice cream tank, this promo ruined the fact that the wedding was all staged. They didn't learn. And people were pissed that it wasn't a real wedding right from the start.

Why do people like this couple? Probably because that they are so different yet so compatible. They both like to have fun and tend to show responsibility and have every right to be angry at the other when demanded. I may not be into inter-species related romance, but if they can find a way to make this work, it could be decent.

As for other Bikini Bottom couples, there is the matter of Plankton and Karen. Karen is basically a computer that Plankton programmed to be his wife, and she is a bit of a nagging smartass who usually knows that Plankton's failures will most likely get him hurt in the end. And when she gets him the Krabby Patty formula for an anniversary gift, he tricks SpongeBob and Patrick into composing a song that wins her over to print out the formula. Sure, that was just an excuse to get it, but he did try. Plus, Karen is downhearted when Plankton creates a newer and more arousing version of Karen to help him, but Karen fights back and gets her microscopic man back on her screen. Of course, their relationship/marriage is more of a rocky one, especially when Plankton tried wooing Mr. Krabs' mother, who was much older than Sheldon here, and shut Karen down only to have a huge breakup with Mama Krabs and Karen zap him in retribution for him shutting her off. And when he takes her on a cruise as an excuse to get the formula from Krabs, you know it didn't end well. So, these two are definitely not really the best couple.

And then there's Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff. One episode, they go out together when Mr. Krabs finds out that Mrs. Puff is a widow because her husband was turned into a puffer lamp. So, he tries asking her out with SpongeBob translating it and they hit it off pretty fine while Krabs realizes that if he keeps taking her to all sorts of fancy places to make her happy, he'll go broke. So, he tries to save money for a walk in the park only for him to have SpongeBob help him shower Mrs. Puff with gifts that she is not too keen about and says that while Mr. Krabs was being thoughtful, she wouldn't mind paying herself. It's a shame they didn't continue dating, but seeing as what Krabs would later be turned into that makes some viewers gain ire for him, I can see why it didn't last. Not helping was a callback to that episode in one of the worse Mrs. Puff torture porns of the show.

And as for Squidward and that one-shot squid Squilvia? Well...yes, it is happy that Squidward has found someone who doesn't take any guff from SpongeBob. But I'll talk more about that when I get around to finally talking about the good of Modern SpongeBob with my Top 20 favorite episodes of that era, showing it does have some diamonds in the rough.

And Patrick and Mindy...just mainly a crush Patrick has on her. That's all.

And that's all the ships I can think of sailing over and under the sea with our friends in Bikini Bottom. Some of them will swim to the depths of the sea, or sink like the Titanic.

Deviant Art

Shipping and Handling: Bikini Bottomites
Next up is a look with our little friends in the sea who have been shipped or shown to be with another character, even if it tends to be one-shot. SpongeBob and Sandy may have a chance while Plankton and Karen is really rocky. Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff was pretty fun to watch. Patrick's crush on Mindy is not much to talk about. And Squidward and that one shot squid is gonna be explained another time.

SpongeBob (c) Nickelodeon
Went out and got my haircut today. Now it's nice and short and not in as much need of a rinse as it was before. Nice to have it trimmed a bit.

Shipping and Handling

Feb 5

Key unlocks day five with all sorts of different Total Drama characters

Oh, boy, we're in for a real treat today. We're gonna look at the many ships of Canada's reality survival show parody, Total Drama, as well as its sister series, the Ridonculous Race. While shipping is not the one thing we all tune into this series for, it's a pretty fun and insane one with many key points. And I'm gonna do as many as I can. And I will say this. I just may disagree with a pairing you love, so please don't take it personally.

Canon Couples


This was the original power couple of the franchise. Back when the series was still in production, they were originally going to hate each other's guts. But that seemed a little too harsh. So, they changed it up and made them become close to one another. While Gwen was off to be a bit of an annoyed Goth, she at least had a shot with Trent who was a pretty cool guy. Then came Heather's treacherous ploy to kiss him right in front of Gwen to give off the illusion that he was cheating on her. But it was a lie, and Gwen still didn't believe him even in the finale when he was proving the limits he would go to to prove his worth. But whether or not Gwen won, she still gave him a chance.

Sadly, this ship was sunk in Action when they turned Trent into a worry-wart of a boyfriend and thought she would be with Duncan, which I think was a change that was most likely forced. I'll get to that in a few minutes. Not only did this break off a relationship that was perfectly fine, it opened up one that really started a big war not just with the fans, but with a couple of other players. This ship was fine. It didn't need to be tainted the way it was.


So, we have a dumb blonde who had been having some sort of development in the second season and her accident prone jock of a boyfriend who has had little to no screentime until season three. Sure, they didn't have a lot of time together, but it at least came off as something that showed that they did like each other genuinely. Not just for how they looked or acted. They were comfortable with being that someone special in mind. And Tyler was happy to see that she could remember him even after the time they spent apart. A couple with their hearts in the right place, though their brains have been rearranged.


Some people like this ship, some people hate it. It's really hard to say how I feel about this one. Duncan once helped Courtney bring out the wild side in her while she was at first disgusted with his lifestyle. But as she caved, she realized how much fun she was having until she was wrongfully eliminated by Harold who wanted to give some retribution for all the taunting Duncan's put him through. And Courtney did get her revenge, and she seemed rather fond of Duncan at first and they both tried to hide their feelings for one another. That is until Action came along and had Gwuncan begin to start getting closer, and then Courtney stepped in by suing the show if they don't throw her in to play. And she was getting back at Duncan for not being a very loyal boyfriend to her, and the ship was really starting to sink to the bottom of the sea when World Tour came around and Courtney and Gwen got on the same team and then...well, let me explain it in the next couple. One that I don't agree with very much.


This...had to be the most forced couple in the franchise. Duncan became a character that has turned himself into a lying cheating two-timing womanizer that he would be happy to make out with both Gwen and Courtney. After he quit the show, they brought him back and Chris forced him to compete again and sing a lot more often to miss out on all the songs he missed. He makes out with Gwen which makes Courtney go after GWEN because they were trying to be friends just so she can have Duncan all to herself! Shouldn't she go after someone she should label as her ex-boyfriend instead? And thankfully, when came the most often labeled worst season of the series, All-Stars, came about, Gwen saw that Duncan was trying to get Courtney jealous and officially ended it. What didn't help was Sierra's Gwuncan page that got Courtney to really want to kill Gwen who wanted to make amends with her. So, if you ask me, not only is Duncan overrated, I think he really blew his chances at getting a good girlfriend. And now, one of them is gonna destroy the other just to have him.


Bridgette is my Total Drama waifu and if she were to ever break up with Geoff, I wouldn't mind comforting her. But I can see that she and Geoff have something special. And that's really great. At first, Geoff didn't know how to say the right words, and Bridgette did think he was a nice guy. Just like with Lindsay and Tyler, they didn't like each other for their looks. They liked each other because they could see something special inside of them. Of course, this pairing went too far with them constantly making out and getting the boot at the start of the second season. For that, they're put on a little show that tells what happens after the contestants got eliminated. And Geoff let the fame go a little to his head to the point where Bridgette was close to breaking up with him. But he soon gets a reality check and tells her she's more important in his life than his power hungry celebrity status. Of course, it was in trouble again when Bridgette...MADE OUT WITH ALEJANDRO WHO TEMPTED HER! Yeah, I really wish the writers wouldn't have done that. They love the drama almost as much as Chris does. And Bridgette tries to sing as her apology, Blaineley tries to keep the ship from resurfacing in anyway she can but they ultimately forgive each other and they're back together. And Geoff wanted Bridgette to compete with him in the Ridonculous Race, but she was busy in a surfing tournament in Australia. It's just too bad she didn't get a cameo, which I griped about before. This is probably the strongest couple thus far.


This one really went up and down in Alejandro's debut. Trying to sympathize with Heather for the pain she suffered in the last two seasons and trying to outdo his brother Jose, he at the same time tries to get together with Heather who was starting to feel a little smitten with him, but also used that to her advantage to try to get him out of the game, which ultimately fails. They end up in the finals and it looks like they share a passionate kiss only for Heather to knock him back and get her chance at winning the million, but either way, it doesn't end happily because of what happened to Ezekiel. They return together in All-Stars where Alejandro decides to betray her and get her eliminated instead in one of the team challenges. And they come back in the finale to help out Mal and it looks like they're back together only to ultimate break up after they fail to win the million under Chris's new sudden death race. So, probably not sure they're coming back.


Cody originally liked Gwen until she got paired up with Trent. Which he didn't mind eventually and saw that they did make a nice pair. Even if Gwen was dating another guy, Cody still saw her as a great friend and hoped she would win the first season. But then came their return in World Tour and Cody meets Sierra, his biggest and scariest fan ever who is so aroused by her, she goes right into super uncomfortable just about Yandere levels of insanity. She'll fake sadness just to make him admit that he'll take her obsessive clingy demeanor over her depressing one any day. And during a staged wedding, she claims it a real one and acts as if they really are married. But then comes his birthday when he realizes that Sierra remembered and even he forgot. This causes them to become really close friends, despite what happens next with the dumbest move by the writers that season. Sierra returned in All-Stars and...for some reason saw Cody inside of Cameron. Just when it seemed like she was over it, it came back. I used to think this was pretty funny, but then I started to ween a little from this. Now, I feel sorry for Cameron there.


This is one of the more underrated couples that my friend Rebekah just loves and hopes is still happening. Harold is a bit of a dork, Leshawna is a sassy girl, and Harold would do anything to win her over. She's not as uncomfortable about it as some of the other girls are with some of their guys, but she did see him as just a friend, but she still liked him. They shared a kiss after all. Then came a moment where she faked crying to get a fun day with her relatives. My friend came up with a theory that the reason she did this was to get approval from her overbearing father that Harold is a great and sweet guy that she wants to date and hopes that he'll approval of it, and maybe he does. It's a good theory in a way, but still, it's hard to tell what the writers will say about it. They do seem to be on good terms. Just not as a couple yet. But I wouldn't mind seeing a dork with a hot girl. It has to happen more often.


Oh, Owen. Is there no end to your mixed fandom who loves you for your funny moments and cheerful attitude but hates you for being a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes? And Izzy, does nobody hate you at all? They seem to be good friends, and they make out at one point in a horror movie survival challenge, but this pairing is definitely the most complex out of all of them. So, I can say it's a very questionable shipping.


This is a couple that started out well in the fandom but soon enough declined in quality. I think season five had something to do with it. Zoey was a shy girl who people thought was bland with no personality and Mike had a little too much personality. But the two of them seemed to really see a lot of each other and wanted to give it a try. But Mike's MPD would often get in the way of it, that is, until he could control it. Then came season five which to me was a really big cop out. When Mike originally conquered his personalities, there was a quick glimpse at what looked like an evil personality, and I think that was just an animation error that the people decided to roll with and thus create Mal, the most unoriginal villain in the franchise. He sealed off Mike's other personalities and tried to do away with the others, as well as Zoey. And what was Mike's victory over them? Well, let's just say it's on levels of stupid with the ending of Earthworm Jim 3D. The two of them are a nice couple, but I can see why it's not a well liked one.


Like I said with Harshawna, we need to see more dorks getting the hot girls. And this is the epitome of that. For one thing, it starts off with the hot girl trying to veer as far away from the dork as possible until she starts to open up to him and help him out a couple of times. And she sees him as nice compared to some of the other people. And when she's turned into a mutant, Sam doesn't care. The Dakotazoid is just the right kind of gal for him. Now, if Dakota ever had the ability to change forms, that would be something to see. They should really make it a thing.


I'll admit, I didn't really watch much of this season, more like only half of it, but I have heard that this two tried to be a couple at first. And it was a way to give Scott a bit of development after his evil nature in the previous season he was in, and Courtney could have originally used it to get back at Duncan. Again, I admit to not watching much of All-Stars, since it did seem to slip in quality, so I don't have much to say on this one.


So, we have this one guy who is obsessed with protecting himself from a zombie apocalypse and an Aussie amazon who can really survive out there. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. And they do seem to enjoy hanging out at first. That is, until Shawn is tricked into attacking Jasmine because he stupidly believes his teammate who says she's a zombie now and thus she decides to hate his guts for that fiasco. Shawn tries to prove his worth to her only for her to try to spit on it. But when he saves her from the others who are succumbed to severe stomach poisoning because Chris had been flanderized into a sadistic drama loving ratings harvester, she forgives him and sees that he really is a great man, even seeing him take down a ton of robots that act like zombies. Everything seems fine until the finals where Chris, being the sadist that he is now, reveals that Shawn was having second thoughts on splitting the prize money with Jasmine so they could both fulfill their dreams as he believes he needs every penny, and the hatred returns. But in the end, she is more worried about his well-being and gets back together with him. At least in his ending. Not sure if it happens in Sky's. Which reminds me.


Boy, is this one a doozy. Dave gets a little too obsessed with Sky and starts going out of his way to make it look like he is playing hard to get, but Sky does see something in Dave. But she doesn't feel interested in him at the same time. Dave gets more whiny the more Sky turns him down and when he gets eliminated and comes back, it's revealed that Sky had a boyfriend named Keith in her audition tape which we didn't get to see before that episode. As for Shawn's...well, it was never uploaded. And thus, Dave goes out of his way to try to hinder and even flat out kill Sky just because she didn't tell him about her boyfriend before. She planned to break up with him before the show, but it didn't come out that way. So, Jashawn, I can go with. Skave, not so much.


This one is a bit of a pairing that came out of nowhere. Brody starts to get a little attracted to tough cop MacArthur who is a bit flattered, though not interested at first. This doesn't really go too far in relationship status, but Brody did seem willing to protect her from any threats that would be too great for her. And after their elimination, he drowns his sorrows in burritos and puts on a little weight, which he shrugs off by the time of the finale. In the Surfers' ending, she is even so impressed with them winning, she'll give Brody a chance. Not sure if there would be any implications of the Cadets' ending is the canon one once Canada finishes this up, but we'll see for real in the future if they bring them both back.


Best friends who eventually become a couple. Need I really say more about this? They were great and shared their fair share of bumps in the road, but it isn't that memorable. We all saw it coming. That's it.


Now this is the power couple of the first season of the new chapter of the franchise. We have Noah, the snarky wisecracking adorkable guy and the law school student and serious sister of the two, Emma. One amazing moment from Emma has Noah smitten with her and causes him to do what he can to win her over. After saving her life, they start to connect a little more. But they also have to focus on the race as well. Emma eventually gets into levels of obsessive mode herself when she starts gushing more about Noah and thinking less about the race. This causes her to break off their alliance and Noah is understandably devastated and crushed by this, leaving Owen to try to cheer him up. When the two buddies get eliminated, Emma decides to win it for Noah and save their relationship, but not before letting him go with a kiss. And even though the sisters ultimate lose, which a lot of fans were rightfully pissed off about, Emma did at least still have Noah to look forward to when she gets home. And they are seen gazing into each other's eyes after everything they had struggled through. So, it shows that they are strong in their hearts and nothing will tear them apart. Definitely a ship in the makings.

Fanon Couples


It was just one accidental kiss played for laughs! Nemma pretty much sunk this one! Good riddance!


Why do people like this couple so much? Dawn didn't really see much in Scott and knew he framed her in the episode of her elimination.


Sure. I think this couple might actually work well if the Adversity Twins and Sisters come back in a future season. Mickey looked like he enjoyed having a girl bond with him a little bit.


I don't really see this talked about much, but I have seen the hints of Owen being aroused by him, especially when this guy first arrived. And they did hug together when they got to stay. But not much else to say about this.


One who tries to be evil and one who is evil. Scarlet doesn't want anything to do with Max, and Max is not sure how to approach her now. But hey, if they can work their evil brains together, or at least if Scarlet can try to get Max to be truly evil, it could work.


If Dwayne is suffering from marital problems like I originally thought, and Kelly and her husband have different views of approaching and raising their daughter, and both of these two get a divorce, it could be worth a shot. Plus, if Chet and Lorenzo could learn to get along as stepsiblings, maybe Taylor and Dwayne Jr. can do the same. It's just probably not likely to happen, sadly.

And there you have it. So many different ships of Total Drama. I hope you all understand my point of view on some of these. You may not agree with it, but an understanding and an agreement are two different things. I just hope that we don't lose anymore good pairings in future seasons to the demonic spawn that is Chris McLean and his love for drama. Unless Don comes back because at least he's sane and probably a shipper. Just like us viewers.

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Shipping and Handling: Total Drama Couples
Something a little extra in today's installment of Shipping and Handling. I tackle the many couples that are in the Total Drama franchise. Some I love, some I hate, others I feel neutral toward. While shipping is not the prime of the show, it does often play as key points and I point out which ones work and which do not.

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Moving right along, we have what I will be doing for February. And with my vacation pretty much taking up half of that month at the very least, you probably shouldn't expect much from me. But there is something that I have ready.

Shipping and Handling

This is a little mini-series of looking at different fictional couples and shippings in fandoms and series that I have grown up with and known for quite a while. I know there might be some shippings from other shows that you'll probably ask me to do upon seeing this little announcement or the first couple of entries in this mini-series tht you guys are fans of, and I will just say this. Please, do not ask me to talk about certain shippings that you would know but I wouldn't. If you were to do that, I would have to decline, because I wouldn't know anything about them or how that couple/shipping would work or came to be. I already have it preset and ready to go. And this will be like what AVGN did all throughout December up until Christmas where he looked at bad cover designs for different video games. I'll be uploading topics of certain couples day by day. And it will continue all the way up to Valentine's Day. And let's just say that I saved something particularly special for last because of another occasion. What that is, I think you can guess, but wait to see and find out for yourselves. And again, don't request me to talk about certain couples. It's ready, it's set, and it's raring to go. I just wanna say that some of them I agree with, others not so much, and I respect your opinion as equally as you respect mine.

As for the rest of what I will do when I get back to the submission page after my vacation, I'll probably just get to doing some more episodes of my main series that I have been yearning to get to. So, here are some ideas for what will go on in some of these series.

Super Mario Super Tales

-Chocolate Island seems to be melting down for some reason
-Zip Toad is hiring cast members for his new movie only for Pom Pom coming to try and get the leading role out from under the noses of the other auditions
-A mystery takes place on the Excess Express and only our friends and Pennington can solve it
-Mallow comes back to spend a day with his old traveling companions
-Jr Troopa tries to get back at Mario for all the times he lost to him

Sphere Sister

-A new comic book comes out starring SS, but it has her in a way that she can't imagine
-Gideon meets a new girl dog and Casey worries what that other dog would be like
-A Hot Air Balloon Race goes awry when Sphere Sister and the Swell Bombshell race one the balloons


-DUMP and JUMP clash once again after so long
-A new experimental mutant copies all of JUMP's powers and uses it against them
-The Sk8er Boys go missing after an incident and the Hop Skip JUMP team must find them

Mega Man Rock World

-Guts Man starts to lose his strength and must find it again after going a little soft
-Auto learns to fight and be more assertive
-A big robot convention is in town and the gang meets an inventor in training there
-Pirate Man and some of Wily's other aquatic robots steal Splash Woman and put her on Pirate Man's new ship
-A medieval adventure that features Knight Man and Centaur Man (work in progress)
-Dr. Cossack and Pharaoh Man uncover an amazing tomb with much treasure, but Dr. Wily's robots want to steal it for the doc

Round Three

-A video of the girls goes viral
-Queen Plumperoo tries the Yo Mama shtick
-Summer and Kitten have some boys, but what about Coco?

3rd Wheel

-3rd Wheel meets a new rival from another world: Overdrive, and the two square off
-Emily and Skylar decide to solve a case on a field trip to the local museum
-The Heartthrobber is back and this time she is reformed as a new ally to 3rd Wheel: the Love Potion (not official; still deciding)
-After a crazy incident, 3rd Wheel terminates Soos' sidekick status and holds auditions for a new sidekick

And if you're wondering about this month's shop, it'll probably only feature 3 of both commissions and art trades. I don't really want to have that big an overhaul this month. Maybe for the next couple of months it'll be like this. It's nothing personal. I just have a lot that I wanna do and I feel like a lighter load will be fine. So, you'll have to be quick on this one if you want to get one. If you don't get a spot, do not fret. There's always next month. Okay? Okay.

That's pretty much what I have in mind. I'm not gonna be able to work on all of this, but I do hope to get to some of them. In the meantime, I should probably be getting to relaxing. I earned it and I'm not gonna waste anymore time not getting to it. So, if you'll excuse me...:relax: it's time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the next two weeks to myself. See you all around, and I'll be back to business as usual soon enough.

Until then, I am Dandy Andy. Tootles. :bye:
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