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Andrew Mantynen
United States


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:wave: Aloha, everybody! It is I, Dandy Andy.'s about that time of the month again. And I am sure that a lot of you know what will be happening this month. The big move, of course. I'll elaborate on that soon enough. But first, I will show you what I hope to do early this month before I have to start getting packed for this experience. It's best to get that out of the way.

So, as you know, there will be a change in weather and leaves. That means Summer's about to end and Autumn is about to come and take its turn. I can't wait for that. I have been dying to get something cool going. All this hot sun is really making me sweat more than I need to. I am holding out for the impossibility of an Indian Summer for once. And on another note, I am getting close to my 2,424th deviation, which means I will be, as you can guess, taking a vacation from the ol' deviation submission station and getting a moment to relax. Plus, it'll give me extra time to get ready for the move. I think that vacation will be the perfect time to get going with my packing. So, I will be having my vacation probably until I get settled into my new home and back online here. Of course, I'm gonna have a LOT of notifications to catch up on like I did when I moved out of Arizona and back to California. So, I won't get back to writing right away. I'll still need to relax after the whole thing's over.

That being said, let's get started and go to the September premieres

September Premieres

So, with the time between the move and now, I probably won't have a lot scheduled for this month. But here is what I at least hope to either finish or get a lot of progress on.

2,400th deviation

I was kind of hoping to get this done before the month was over, but with a few things here and there coming up, I had to postpone it to the start of September. But with what I have now, it's coming up next. Basically, it will be a 24 hour soiree that countdowns down to my 25th season (which is what I like to call ever 100 deviations; a season) and it will feature me doing an event every hour leading up to the end of the countdown and it will include a lot of my friends and some of my and their OCs, as well as characters from series I am familiar with. I hope you all enjoy what we will all do together.

Nintendo's Got Talent

We're in the Top 12 of this little project now, which means we're nearing the end of this whole thing. The top 12 will break the remaining acts in half, meaning half will go onto the big final showdown and the other half will be going home with absolutely nothing. And here are the Top 12 once again.

Wreck-It Ralph

So, anyone of them will win for sure. Whoever it will be will have to wait until the time is right. After they are cut in half, the remaining 6 contestants will duke it out one last time in the final round. They will have to re-imagine the auditions that got them this far in the first place along with a new act to sum up their journey on the show. That is how AGT does it, and I want to make sure that I follow it to the letter. So, which half of these characters will make it, and which half will go home? That's for you to decide.

JUMP Season 8

Now, with the way things are, I don't know if I'll be able to finish this season of JUMP before the big move, but I at least hope to finish up the main story arc which should end around 195, 196, or 197. I'll try to take care of Ultrix and Wallace before the moving experience. And as you can guess, we're approaching the series' 200th episode, and...I don't know what to do to celebrate. The series is reaching another big milestone and I have to do something in order to celebrate. So, just like I had with you guys on what will happen with JUMP when I originally had season 8 planned as the final season, I'm going to have you all come up with ideas for what I should do for the 200th episode. I'm looking for something worthwhile that hasn't been done either before or to death. I want this to be a big milestone for the series.

One idea is them getting ready for the high school prom suggested by :iconlightningrod728:, but maybe that'll be the penultimate episode of the season.

With that, JUMP and NGT are gonna be my main focus for the month before the move.

Autumn Premieres

Obligatory Halloween and Thanksgiving stories

Yeah, I gotta do at least a story based on these holidays. What exactly, I'm still working on.

3rd Wheel

With this series trying to get back on its wheels, I am hoping to get the next episode before the move and up to the 10th before the year is over. I really gotta give this show more focus here. I want to get Overdrive introduced before 2016. And there will also be a new female character who will be a bit of a love interest with 3rd Wheel. As cliche as that may be, I am at least hoping to make her a nice one. Since I'm making this series a bit of a pseudo-sequel to Gravity Falls with Soos as my sidekick like how Darkwing Duck is sort of one to DuckTales with Launchpad as Darkwing's, this will be a bit based on Morgana and Darkwing's relationship. So, she'll start off evil but turn good. The rest I'll talk about another time.

Top 20 Weakest Classic/Best Modern SpongeBob Episodes

I have been meaning to get to this for quite sometime and I am hoping to do it in October. I'll talk about the classic era of SpongeBob's less memorable pieces as well as the modern era's saving graces. Then after them, the top 20 episodes I liked the most.

Super Mario Super Tales

I have been doing my best to get this series third season going, and I have some general plots in mind.

-A simultaneous arc thought up by :iconpikatwig: where Mario and Luigi take a vacation to Isle Delfino while the three crowned cuties and friends try to protect the kingdom while they're gone
-An episode where Zip Toad is going to be starring in a new movie and wants to pick one of the best characters to be in his movie. Of course, Pom Pom wants to get the starring role

And with the inclusion of new made-for-the-series character Seanna the Mermaid, I hope to include here in as much as possible but not make her overstay her welcome. I can think of a water park episode in mind and include here in Mario and Luigi's vacation at Isle Delfino, but I haven't got much else in mind for her. Any other ideas are welcome.

Mega Man Rock World

As you may know, Mega Man is getting a cartoon in 2017. I hope to at least get this series done before then. It'll be 50 episodes long, and I hope to at least end it on a strong note. So far, I got no other episode ideas in mind. But I do want to say that I hope to do a crossover with every one of the other Mega Man incarnations Capcom made. Like the '93 cartoon did with X, only you know, do it so much better than they did. So, X, Volnutt, .EXE, and I think Star Force too will make it. Star Force is the only one I am not too familiar with.

Sphere Sister

I am definitely getting her off the ground a little more this Fall after my vacation and the moving ordeal is over. Until then, that is all I wanted to say about her. I have a couple of plots thought up by :iconcmdrnix: still in the works, and I hope to come up with more and hope he'll have more on the way.

Round Three

I'll probably hope to get their 15th episode done by the end of the fall.

Super Smash Bros Presents Movie Mayhem & The Ridiculous Race

Finally, I can get this series going. With the Ridonculous Race premiering next month, I can finally get to making some episodes of these series going. :iocnmaxtreme379:, old buddy, when you get back, we are going to be working like dogs on this! Hopefully, we can get them done by the end of the year.

2,500th Deviation(?)

I can probably guarantee you I'll make it to this milestone before the year is over. And I already know what I have in mind for it. What it will be...sorry, can't tell you. :XD: It's a secret! :icontrollfaceplz: You can keep asking me if you want, but I will not end your torture. It will have to wait until it's submitted.

Story of moving out and one of setting in

Just a little something I wanted to add. For one last thing I'm going to do in the house in Santa Rosa before I move, I'm going to do a story for when I move out and get ready to settle into another place with my main cast. When I get back, I'll start off with another story that shows us getting settled in and ready for the next chapter in our lives.

Now, regarding of whether I will open up shops for this month, I will say...I may be able to do one last shop opening here in Santa Rosa, but I may have to either cut both inventory shelves in half or at least subtract one from both leaving only three spots for both. I want to do some of my other things before this whole thing begins. If you have any reserved spots, let me know. And as for the price of commissions, well...ever since the whole PM got changed to CM, I'm probably going to have to inflate the prices again. Does 30 points sound too much for a story commission? Or is that about right? If it's too much, I can settle for 25. So, if I open it up, this will be the final time here in Santa Rosa. Hope you get at least one more before it's too late.

:phew: All done with that. So, that's all I have to share there. It was a bit of a boatload there, but it was worth it to say. I hope you like what you see and I want you all to stay tuned for further updates on the move and such. I'll let you know when I'll be heading out and unavailable. I don't know for how long, but when I get on, I'll be sure to tell you right away.

Until then, everyone, I am Dandy Andy. Stay as fine and dandy as me. See you next time. Tootles. :bye:
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